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lux interior

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Lux Interior is a sound and visual improvisation, in which participating Carlos Garcia Miragall to electric guitar and generation of visual processing and Paco Sanmartin to electric bass.

The visual is automatically generated from sound tracks, through an application that we developed in the Java language, Ciclope. This application generates images from the numbers obtained from the digitization of sound, constructing each pixel of the image with numbers sound lines. It is a very purist method where the image is built exclusively with the numbers sound, spatially locating them with different strategies. At each instant of time can be generated and these different images are composed between them. The video file enclosed with the project is a small demo of the visual possibilities of developed software, it is still under development.

The main concept that we want to develop is the light, the first idea that came to mind was Lux Interior in relation to psychobilly singer of The Cramps. Lux Interior represents an icon of rock history for its originality and musical contributions. Reviewing his work caught our attention a concert conducted by the group on June 13, 1978 for patients of a mental clinic in the state of California, it is a very interesting concert especially for the special way in which you interact with the mentally ill.

Following Lux Interior, chained with the idea of ​​what makes listening a child while still in the womb of his mother, establishing a direct relationship between light and life inside the uterus and the way they perceive the world around him . Finally with these concepts in mind, Lux Interior and rock icon and Lux Interior as a child inside the womb, we made a simple narrative with the aim of structuring performance or improvisation. The narrative structure of the performance is divided into 3 parts:

1. Johnny, a child still in the womb, is quiet listening to her heartbeat and her mother, the typical noises of the house and especially the voice of his mother, Mary.
2. Freddy, the child's father is a nurse in a mental hospital, comes home very happy to say that Poisson Ivy [1] to reassembled to The Cramps to make a final tribute to Lux Interior in the clinic. Mary gets very happy and start rummaging in the closet looking for your old gold suede boots for reminiscing.
3. At the concert sounds one of the classic themes of The Cramps Human Fly.

From these ideas we have structured the concert, establishing the basic guidelines of composition and improvisation. Each of the parties has a duration between 6 and 8 minutes.
[1] Poison Ivy is the stage name Kristy Wallace, guitarist of The Cramps.

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