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Five old tape players set on five white parallelepipeds of different heights are set in a room. Tapes are those once used for the games of old Commodore 64. People are free to move around and make the only possible action: interact with us so the performance can start, by selecting the tapes and pushing PLAY. They are free to push STOP, FORWARD or REWIND or change the tapes. The games are actually bytes size compressed data following a zero-one sequence and perform as apparently casual sounds, sounding as disturbing waves.
The playing dimension these games were created for, as well as the dimension the games data are in, are re-edited by our performance, acting as filters towards a new dimension of listening and watching (in 3D), completely different from the reason they were created for. If differently used, the game as a playful act can become a not-game and deny its original function. Sounds are restyled in order to alternate to the original ones a development of a new content: the game will never be loaded to play it, but with “LOAD / Press Play On Tape” (the actual sentence you had to write to load any game) we offer the spectator the chance to become an actor together with us and to complete that loop started by inviting him to push PLAY, thus entering into a three-dimensional dreamlike.

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