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London-based Eyes On The Wall collective is proposing to perform visuals in a live context at LPM in Rome. Our show entitled ‘Metamorphosis’ will emerge as an experimental and fluid synthesis of the analog and digital, the improvisational and participatory elements. To make the familiar things look strange and unrecognizable, to surprise and to seduce the audience with the otherworldly visuals and their mutations, and to catalyze the streams of uncanny associations - that’s the conceptual framework for Eyes On The Wall show. Performed in the live context and synchronized with sound, Metamorphosis will construct itself unpredictably, reshaping the relationship between the analog and the digital and shifting the focus toward microcosmic levels and substances, which are normally unreachable by the human eye. The focal point of the show will be the simultaneity of illusion and equilibrium, of transition and puzzlement, whereas the visual aesthetics will re-encode the poetics of beauty and harmony and re-affirm the expressive values of artistic approach. The visual terrain we propose to construct will pursue the transformation of perceptual engagement, also suggesting the audience to re-engage with the imaginative layers of experience.

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