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Liquid modernity

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The project is the visual adaptation of my research (the subject of my master’s thesis in "International relations") about the impact of intellectual property on access to knowledge and on right to education.

The ability to separate the content of informations from their material support has allowed the diffusion of knowledge more easily, but to the "democratizing" widespread of informations has followed a global policy aimed to extend the application field of the copyright law. This resulted in the drastic end to an horizontal model of development and knowledge sharing, as well as the criminalization of new forms of creative production. To this was added the progressive transformation of our experiences. These become digital to be communicated and shared by individuals. Taken together, these individual experiences, which has now become a huge virtual flow, are subject to the legal mesh governing the exchange of data and as such, for various purposes, scanned and manipulated.

My VJ-set retraces the steps of this process, highlighting the impact that this dematerialization (or liquefaction - Z. Bauman) of reality and relationships has on our thinking and our actions. The project highlights the most disturbing aspects of a society of control, where such surveillance extends beyond the body to get to govern intellectual and emotional spheres.

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Shiny Toys Festival 2017
02.12.17 | festival for time based experiments

01.12.17 | December 1 - 9, 2017

DJ Food Selected Aphex Twin Works
11.11.17 | November 11, 2017

20.10.17 | Festival for Electronic Arts 2017

Extended deadline! Biennial of Digital Art 2018
01.10.17 | FAD - Digital Art Festival

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