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The performers are dressed in costumes and masks inspired by the Sardinian tradition of wool mamutones.One performer, dressed in a mink fur like a new Charon, introduces the action by hitting a series of speakers of various sizes, connected to an echo effect that makes the idea of feral bells .The performers sit around a table and engage in a game of cards with a master's degree, also masked. The cards have codes printed on the front which - via a software video / sound inspired by the Reactable- trigger various sound samples filtered by effects that change the tonal and harmonic structure . Everything is captured on camera and projected in the room to make clear the situation of the sound / performing even to the most distracted people. After a couple of games, the performers leave their stations to the public to make the interaction obvious and definitive. The performance is a concept inspired by the Ingrid Bergman game with a death demon, which judges the past and the future of the public. The performers who will participate will be decided depending on the mood and nature of the place where the performances take place.


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