As a duo mixing electronic music, acoustic sounds and a visual performance, l’Age d’Or truly embodies a visionary audio-visual project. On stage, the duality between shadows and lights is an exploration into synthetic atmospheres and astral landscapes. The dark and spectral electronica is adorned in symbolic visuals for a powerful and mystical experience.
We find in their live acts a study of textures, both sonic and graphic, combining organic compositions, digital rhymes and meditative moods. Valentin Fayaud started the Age d’Or project over four years ago. He successfully laid down the “visual” foundations of his music mixing sound design with organic and disjointed sounds, inspired by various eclectic influences.

Nicolas is the other half of the duo. Drawing from American experimental cinema as well as contemporary art, he composes visuals which complete Valentin’s musical creations.
The duo works in symbiosis to conjugate image and sound, transcribing sonic atmospheres into lights and textures.In this spirit, the group extended its visual universe by experimenting with video clips. Nicolas produced their first project “Ether”, which metaphorically describes the exposition of private life on social media. With a “pop”- inspired sound, the clip features striking colourful creations with visual tricks using lights, frames and filters. After a positive reception and multiple interviews the duo went on to experiment again with the track “From Where We Are”.

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