Audio Visual Performance Platform
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When: 23.02.16 - 3 years ago
Type: Festival
  • Tuesday 23 February 2016
    22:00 04:30
    Silos - Contentor Criativo Caldas da Rainha Portugal

[re+action)]AV is a collective platform gathering live artists that work with video, audio and performance art in an event designed uniquely to present Audio Visual Performances in its different forms and representations that unite art and technology, the creation of live music and visual content, vjing, djing, mapping and multimedia.

It came about with the ambition to create in Portugal an event entirely dedicated to AV Performance that also works as a catapult of AV projects, creates the conditions to present them to the public in a space for provocation, reflection, inspiration, demonstration and exchanging of experiences.

The first edition took place on February 23 in Silos – Contentor Criativo, Caldas da Rainha and welcomed proposals that assumed themselves as live acts that explored the unexpected, based on loops, on noise and errors, or in a stage of work in progress using sound and video as tools to record and vocalize body movement.

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17 March 2016
6 June 1987

  • Portugal Caldas da Rainha


Aisa Araújo is a visual artist and performer who develops work in the areas of video art, live cinema, audiovisual performance, conceptual photography, self portraiture and alternative photo printing processes, either solo, in duos like Mr.Lazy & Mme.Leisure and SOMA or with several multidisciplinary artists collectives.
She began her academic and professional training as an actress and co-creator of various projects within the performative arts with an emphasis on post-dramatic theater and performance art. After several years living and working in Barcelona - where her work of photography, video and performance was featured in various festivals, spaces, galleries and other countries - she starts developing concepts within the scope of live cinema, performing for videos that herself conceptualizes, directs and latter manipulates live, sometimes performing the same actions again during the live act, other times creating new narratives with the same visuals. Currently living in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal where co-founds the Audiovisual Performance platform [re + act (ion)] AV.

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