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Video Installation
The artistic collective Manifesto Delle Visioni Parallele, presents 'Untold Wall', a video installation realized through 9 TV CRT arranged to form a 'wall' of cathode ray tubes.

Untold, born from the desire to give an interpretation of Glitch Art, 3d animation and vaporwave through the contribution of digital processes and distortions that will transform the concept and the value of error making it take on a primordial role in new criteria and categories.
The work is the result of a constant and selective research that connects international artists Structure: WALL with 09 TV CRT

Frank J Guzzone (USA)
Maxim Zhestkov (RU)
Rémi Cabarrou (FR)
Domenico Barra (IT)
Cliche° ft. 77 Denari (IT)
Filippo Nesci (IT/USA)
Chiara Cor (IT)


  • 07.12.18 | December 7 - 15, 2018


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Technical rider

  • Duration: 600 min.
  • Type: Video Installation
- 4 ciabatte
- eventuali canaline.
- 1 cassa amplificata

- TV Wall 2,5mx2,5m circa
- 4 Spiltter video
- 1 Lettore Multimediale

SET UP TIME: 8 ore, vorremmo fare allestimento almeno 3 giorni prima per prove ed eventuali.


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17 October 2018
9 September 1982

  • Italy Napoli


Domenico Barra is an Italian artist, educator and visual content creator working in the field of digital art and dirty new media.

The critical, tactical and analytical approach to new technologies takes shape in an artistic production that exploits the “glitch” as raw material for visual creations but also as the narrative line to address different topics such as privacy, body, memory, identity.

Psycology is at the base of all of his work.

He creates still images, gifs and videos.

He also makes artworks for bands and solo musicians, portraits, abstracts and memes.

He likes to experiment with every media, misusing hardwares and softwares in creative ways to generate images.

His work has been published on various sites and magazines such as The Creators Project, Motherboard, Bullet Magazine, Hyperallergic, Art F City and Digicult.

He took part in several curatorial projects and his works were exhibited internationally at the DAM Gallery in Berlin, at the Media Center in New York, at Galerie Charlot in Paris and in Italy at the Link Art Center in Brescia, online at the Wrong Biennale, just to name some.

He directed the organization of the first glitch art show in Italy, Tactical Glitches, curated by Rosa Menkman and Nick Briz.

He has also collaborated with the first edition of the The Wrong Biennale glitching the logo for the official website.
He was a visiting artist at SAIC in Chicago in April 2016 for RE:MESH.WWWERK/s series curated by jonCates.

The event was part of the 150th year of activities celebration of the world famous institution.
He is featured as Mighty Kongbot, together with Italian graphic designer and artist Luigi Console, in the 3D Additivist Cookbook curated by Morehshin Allahyhari and Daniel Rourke with the project “The Anti-Anthropocaliptic Set” to survive the Anthropocalypse.

From September 2017 he is part of the Hard Disk Museum with the project 09|09.
He teaches glitch art and dirty new media at RUFA - Rome University of Fine Art with workshops and a two days course that we do periodically.
The course is coordinated by Caterina Tomeo.

The works of his students were exhibited at the Museo Macro in Rome for the festival Fotonica in 2017.

From October 2018 he is part of PPPATTERN, a project by Renato Fontana and it is the first time that he focus his work exclusively on the creation of graphic design for the production of commercial works.

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