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Video Installation
The project is a video installation consisting of mannequins with a monitor instead of the heads. Images in the monitors will be mxed in the last half an hour vjing.


LPM 2011 - Live Performers Meeting
  • 19.05.11 | Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome

Technical rider

  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Type: Video Installation
Installazione con manichini e monitor.

per la sezione vj utilizzo di mixer edirol, kaos pad entrancer e lettori dvd.


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4 February 2011
31 December 1979

  • Italy lampedusa



West Germany, 1968

Student movements protest against the United States to end the war in Vietnam.

Banda Baader-Meinhof described herself as an urban guerrilla group engagedin armed resistance against what they termed a fascist state.

The group has always had the name of Red Army Faction [RAF]

The name Banda Baader-Meinhof Group or Baader-Meinhof gang was used for the first time by mass communication medium, so the 'organization was known by the public simply as Baader-Meinhof gang, at least until the death of Baader.

Many young people of the period felt alienated from both 'education limit notified to him in the family and state institutions.

'S historical legacy of the Nazis created a gap between the two generations and a growing sense of suspicion and distrust of authority structures of society.


Italy, 2011

Student movements have disappeared.

The United States has always and continually at war.

La Banda Baader-Meinhof describes itself as a group of "guerrilla media" in resistance against the 'use of media as a weapon of mass distraction.

La Banda Baader-Meinhof does not use weapons but the images. Robberypictures anywhere and can run "media attacks" against [and] the medium of television.

La Banda Baader-Meinhof in television recognizes a 'weapon, with the sameweapon and try to interrupt, break, this hypnotic suggestion induced by' authority of the television media, and recognizes and attacks the ability of mass media in influencing the minds of the people.

Many young people today 's feel alienated from the non-education or consumereducation limit notified to him by her family [children of baby boomers economic] and from ways of life imposed by means of mass communication.

'S historical legacy of the economic boom and Milan to drink has made that are built shopping centers in via P. Pasolini


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