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5 March 1966

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Self-taught musician since his teens, has played bass and electric guitar with various rock bands and pop during the second half of the eighties in the Valencian musical scene (La resistencia, La alegría de la huerta and Deprisa Deprisa).
In November 1992 he formed with Miguel Calvo, Ricardo Cones and Pablo Vidal group "Los Vivos" genre punk-rock, with whom he recorded an EP "Los Vivos" (1994) edited by No Tomorrow, and two LP: "Do The Snake" (1995) edited by Not Tomorrow and "Algo para mi" (1998) edited by Pánico Records. In addition to several versions for compilations.
In 2004 he recorded with the poet Rafeta, Edu Marin, Andres Llopis and other collaborations CD book "Tierra" (self-released). Rafeta y los pèregrinos del ruido was an experimental group based on the musical and visual improvisation from poems recited.
In 2007 form with Deco Nascimento indie rock group CleoVII and from January 2011 it belongs to the collective PDP11, which aims to establish an open platform investigate the sound, image, smell and taste. PDP1 has made several projects with different presentations: root (2011), dónde estabas cuando lo estábamos pasando tan bien? (2012), batida tropical (2012), Estratosfera (2013), retenciones(2013), la macebía (2014), mar mar(2014), dentro y fuera (2014), meditation 6.0 (2015) la caja de pandora ( 2015), bon vent (2015), lux Interior (2016), sonogram (2017), queremos comer caliente! (2017), ...

It synchronizing the musical activity in 1991 graduated in Computer Science at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), in 2006 obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies doctoral program in visual arts and multimedia and in 2016 doctorate degree in fine arts.
From 1991 to today is Professor of Information Systems and Computing at the UPV (DSIC). Currently she teaches at School of Computer Programming for Internet and postproduction and synthesis of digital audio, Faculty of Audiovisual Communication visual effects and editing digital video, the Master of Digital Postproduction of digital effects and the Master of visual arts and multimedia sound art and multimedia art programming.
As a researcher he has worked from 1991 to 2000 in the research group Declarative Programming publishing five articles DSIC themed deductive databases.
Currently and since 2004 it belongs to the research group Light Laboratory themed on Art and Technology of the UPV. Having published several articles and having done collective exhibitions in Murcia Párraga Center, Exhibition Hall of the UPV, Laboral Art and Industrial Creation in Gijon and the ZKM in Karlsruhe (Germany) among others.
In the audiovisual field he has made the short film "Crisálida" genre of science fiction in 2004. He participated in the department of direction in the film by director Guillermo Escalona "De espaldas al mar" in 2009. And in 2012 I place the book trailer for the book "La Isla del Minotauro" Ana Piles and Hector Perez.

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