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Vjjekk and Vjadisign are working together... or against each other... digital meets analogue/graphic design meets dirty mashup shizzle.

the performance is always live... beatsynchronisation meets live action drawing (self built tag tool) meets midisupported emotional reactions with a high quality level stock of self produced footage.Typography, stopandmotion, documentedmoments, animateddrawings and dirty performance footage meets symbollanguage, 3d animation and graphicexplorations of highest levels. the upcoming austrian dj duo revolts, fights against inner demons. topics are conflict between art and commerce, individuality and collective forces...


VJJEKK Hoagascht, LoveBea, Bassintox, Equaleyes- vienna

Since 2003 Jakob Hütter aka vjekk is involved in visual presentation

in the context of electronic music events, especially in the domains

graphic design, decoration and visuals.

In 2005 he joins the Hoagascht collective, which made its mark through DnB events in Salzburg, and now is used as a viral social plattform for artists, social activists and promoters throughout austria. He serves as a visual concept supervisor for crews like bass intoxication, noise collage, kollektor club, fazit0 and more...

Since 2008 he's producing experimental film, performance videos, analogue-graphic and photo animation series, searching for new ways of creative concepts and visual presentation. He is eager to find an individual and personal link between graphics and video, abstract and concrete, analogue and digital art. His visuals distinguish themselves through square-edged structures, which alternate with abstraced motion-sequences in the organic and anorganic scope. Through fast, permanent renewed overlappings collages rich in contrast and with rhythmic colour/shape-effects develop.

In a permanent fight against his inner psycholodical demons, he additionally uses the tool love -provided mainly by his relationship with bea, intensified by his vj partner adisign) to express a personal and sometimes emotional visual journey. Audiovisual fusion put events on a new, exciting level of experience. One has the chance to combine light and sound to generate always new, dynamic, spherically appearing moods.

ADISIGN equaleyes, eye|con - vienna

As a graphic designer and during his film apprenticeship he got drawn into the extensive line of action as a visualist, where he concerns himself with motion graphics, symbol-language, 3d animation, filmed footage, tracking and compositing.

Beside various party realated projections on events like UAF, Frequency, Digital/Equaleyes, Trommel&Bass, Medication and many more he works on assignments for events and CI as well as layout design.

Currently he is occupied with projects and incorporated societies like Pooool, eYem, eye|con and audiomedics.


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Technical rider

  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Type: VJ SET
v4 videomixer

Our Equipment: tagtool, 2laptops, uc.33 midicontroller, edirol pcr-300midicontroller, camera (capture device)


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20 April 2010

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