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How can a black hole change everything, even everything? It is notable the investigation of the human being able to discover that there are points somewhere in our surroundings that bring together a number of inexplicable forces capable of altering our whole environment. This visual audio performance seeks to convey this fact through sound and image, we try to transform our environment in a way that brings us back to these inaccessible forces of the black masses.


LPM 2018 Rome
  • 07.06.18 | June 7 - 10, 2018 | Rome Italy

LPM 2017 Amsterdam
  • 18.05.17 | May 18 - 21, 2017 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

LPM 2017 Amsterdam
  • 18.05.17 | May 18 - 21, 2017 | Amsterdam, Netherlands


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  • Duration: 10 min.
  • Type: Mapping
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14 April 2017

  • Portugal Lisbon


What is it this future that we talk about? It’s like the destruction of pure rationality, it’s like a process, like a a system that just grows with no logic or with a different logic, like a “fit” logic. Smaller spaceships will fit in different spaces and change the shape for the connection system, everything is adapting and it grows with no big plan, but it plans every small step, in this way it’s not so different from the medieval cities.Private and Public will be almost the same, since everything is in constant movement, vegetation will be a part of the system, as energy and water. We will drastically reduce the need to be outside, commercial streets will disappear…This is not bad, just different. We will produce every object with printers, even clothes, which will completely change our appearance. We will be mainly intellectual beings. If you look at it in a different scale, we will be like cells inside a body, the spaceship will really be like an animal, or at least a living being. The digital and the “real” will be so connected that we will not separate them, it will be our interface of life, it’s not like “The Matrix” where we live with our minds trapped inside of a digital world, it’s more like it will come outside to our world. We are Error-43 a collective that works with technology mainly in an abstract way, by abstract we mean that we produce work that doesn’t have an immediate porpoise other than to imagine and create paths to the future, in order to fulfi l this task we work with the digital and the analog. Our work meditates about our own vision, in between what we believe and what we want to happen, using artistic means to represent it.

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