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31 March 2010
15 May 1978

  • Italy Palermo, Roma
  • Germany Berlino


Oblivious is a visual experiment, a collaboration between Ignazio Mortellaro and Rosanna Costantino. United by their common interest in video and photography their practice is informed both by their academic training in Architecture and Building Engineering and by their professional experience of architectural practice, as well as urban analysis and design. Their work explores the dynamics between people and the use of space, and the interaction of natural and fabricated environments.

The medium of video acts as a tool for investigating the perception of images, invoking moods that range from the surreal to the objective. Technology is kept to a minimum and technical restriction is imposed in order to release creativity. Mortellaro and Costantino take influence

from early C20th experimental cinema where utterly iconic imagery was created despite huge technological constraints. Each Oblivious VJ set or AV performance involves the use of original material and forms an ongoing research into human anatomy and landscapes.

In 2010 Oblivious became a collective. The project now involves other artists, designers and practitioners working in Berlin, Rome and Palermo, including the visual artist Marco Morici, the graphic designer Glauco Marino, the photographer José Florentino and the sound designer Luca Mortellaro. Oblivious have also worked with outstanding underground labels, including Prologue, Meerestief and Lineal Records. 2010 sees Oblivious join the Stroboscopic Artefacts family, a Berlin based techno label where they are the resident graphic designers; realising the entire design concepts from 12” artwork to video teasers to VJ sets.

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