Cosmic Music

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A journey through the music of the universe. After a study on the discovery that made NASA in 2012 about the sounds of the planets, I decided together with my sound designer, Kiara Demon's to create a journey from a point x of the universe up to our land, or rather up to the present- only time existing - and then physically up to the facade of the Macro. A journey that will pass through the planets, and gives them a voice. The sounds that have been translated by NASA are sounds that go in perfect harmony with the experimental electronic music that will be the basis of this journey in our galaxy. Here is Cosmic Music, architectural video mapping but also a study and research on vibrations and images of a journey to be discovered.


LPM 2018 Rome
  • 07.06.18 | June 7 - 10, 2018 | Rome Italy


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14 April 2014
10 February 1985

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is an italian videomaker, visual artist and videomapping performer.
Working as direction and editing for videoclip; video designer for music concert in Italy and Europe; post production and motion graphics for business companies.
She worked with different business reality as Fendi, Costa Crociere, Tim, Rai, Mediaset, and Ichnusa.
Now she lives in Rome where she works as a professor of visual art live and videomapping at IED, University of video design.
In October 2016 she won the 1° prize of visual contest in Prague for BYOB, SIGNAL Festival.
Currently she continues to work as a video designer for events and business companies and continues to participate in many festivals in Europe, to present her projects in both: video art and videomapping.

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