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AV Performance
SECRETSHOW is a DiGitaL awarness performance composition
It is in continuous development, site-specific, improvised, everytimes different, molded on the architectural morphology of the place.

Andrea Marinelli plays LiveElectronics-guitars-overhead projectors

APPLICATIONS: SECRETSHOW worked for museums, art galleries, theatres, shops, heavy dance clubs, rave parties, soft private spaces like living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens.
I build it on the situation working on the possibilities of electronic instruments from dancefloor with straight beat recalls to jazz and contemporary music enviroment. Also the volumes are molded on the place. I can stay very very loud or very very low. The performance is completely improvised

VISUAL COMPOSITIONS: Overhead projection LIVE compositions – Digital video.
I made photos on TV screens and digital screens. Pixel is real, Pixel it is not just a rapresentative element of real, Pixel it is a real material of reality. The digital rapresentation of human bodies into digital media is not skin, eyes, hair: it is pixel at last. So i shot TV screens. I use human faces from Antonioni, Monicelli, Pasolini, Dino Risi, Bertolucci etc. movies taken directly from the TV screens and digital screens.
I print this photos on lucid paper and i project them with aincient overhead projectors lamp.
From analog film to digital to pure light again.
Pixel emerging on the walls.
Visual SECRETSHOW is a LIVE superimposition of transparent paper photo prints. Completely original A/V materials. Live composition of this faces reflects stratification of our digital cultures and fix new syntax of images, fragile not defined, poetically cleared.

MUSIC: Live-Electronics – Heavy Sampling – Electric Guitar.
SECRETSHOW music is a Babbel of vocal fragments from different cultures and languages mixed with a live-electronics setup. I search into different vocals expressions from melodies to language melodies, from aincient cultures to contemporary vocal path. It is a Babbel of vocal fragments from different cultures mixed with live-electronics. From the most analog intrument to the digital world becoming analog sound again.
I make original samples with vocal music pieces from Pakistan, Venezuela, Canada, Czech Republic etc. but also into the melody of languages from all around the world. From 2 years ago i start a collection of italian dialect expressions from Puglia to Romagna, from Lazio to Sardegna etc. Into dialects i found a different balance between musical path and meaning in communication. I organize samples into a musical way (melody, rhytm) to create live musical composition. I use a laptop with free modded software, my electronic approach mixes sound engineering creative tequiniques and musical jazz rapidity. No presets, completely mono based, simple efficent refined tech means high musical complexity possibilities.
Sometimes use guitars to interact with vocal melodies formalizing the composition into an instrumental view.


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Technical rider

  • Duration: 20 min.
  • Type: AV Performance
The SECRETSHOW tech is simple. I need a stereo PA with right dimensions to cover the enviroment.
In case of house concert i bring my own spekers.
The volume is right to the place. Burning power for festival stages and next to an home cdplayer for houseconcert.
I will project directly on the walls and architectures if is possible.
In case of open air festival i need a projection suface on the americanas.


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18 April 2017
5 May 1985

  • Italy Milan


I'm a Visual Artist an Musician too. i work between analog and digital.
I use live electronics, guitar, voice, overhead projectors and photography to develop poetical worlds.

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