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AV Performance
The performance is the third part of an audiovisual triptychon.

As the 2016 and 2017 developed pieces mora and simas, Amnis is settled in the concept of dromology (Virilio) and more specifically referring to the "field effect", which is created by real time perspectives of telecommunications.

The consequence of this effect is the destruction of time-continuum.

Teleaction takes over as the perceptual presence of the digital world.

Time is either condensed into the zone of the present much like a type of black hole that refuses to allow the future or the past and also time-related events are stretched to a state of simulated infinity.

Digital transformations on time-extracted media artifacts form a telepresence.

Image matches sound through synchronization and dramaturgy, while exploring algorithmic, glitched and oganic patterns, percepts and visions, the performance is creating a storyline within possibilities.

The aim is to provide an audiovisual environment in which sensation, feeling, thinking and intuition are forming a perceptual entity.


Live Cinema Festival 2018
  • 01.08.18 | September 20 - 23, 2018



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Technical rider

  • Duration: 50 min.
  • Type: AV Performance
Technical equipment required:

2 x DisplayPort cables or 2 x DVI to DisplayPort adapter
1 x Display
Audio Mixer with 6 Inputs and 6 Outputs (with selectable center
frequence of the mid range)
1 independent output for signal FFT analysis (Tape Output)
Stereomonitoring on stage with adjustable Volume
Power distributor 10 instances

Technical equipment brought by the artist:

2 x PCs
mouses and keyboards
Ethernet cable
2 x Sound Interfaces
and many more


Registered by
2 July 2018

  • Austria Wien


APNOA is an audiovisual collective, founded by Sebastian Drack and Tobias Feldmeier in 2013.

The artists aim for forward-thinking ideas and strategies in practice and theory, in order to provide immersive multi-sensory experiences and narratives, presented as audiovisual performances, installations and multimedia productions.

Their work is settled in the field of performative interaction and seek for an ambiguous character generating synesthetic correlations whithin the act-theoretical semantics and immediate, aesthetic perception.

APNOA has already participated in several international exhibitions, festivals and touring events in Europe and Asia like Big Data Art 2013 (Munich), ISMAR 2015 (Fukuoka), Algorave Tour 2015 (Japan), OÖ Landesausstellung 2016 (Linz), Interlab Festival 2016 (Salzburg), Prague Microfestival 2017 & 2018 (Prague), Ars Electronica Festival 2017 (Linz), Patchlab Festival 2017 (Krakow) and Digital Spring 2018 (Salzburg).

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