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AV Performance
The idea of “Vento” performance came from our passion to observing the flux in the world around us, especially in music and animation.

Both these artistic fields have movement in the base of its creation but on the daily bases it drives our imagination differently.

It also displays in various forms : as music notation or stream of air in the wind instruments, as the movement of objects or traveling in time.

In the project we attempt to find common thread for motion of contemporary music and vintage style animation.

We want to invite audience for the journey through time, space, emotions, imagination, creation.

The title “Vento” refers to movement of air we experience almost every day but simultaneously also to the flute as the wind instrument as well as to the title “Halny” - a piece from our performance composed by Sławomir Kupczak.


Live Cinema Festival 2018
  • 01.08.18 | September 20 - 23, 2018


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Technical rider

  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Type: AV Performance
Technical equipment required: projector , 2 condenser microphones on the stands (for
flutes), 4 stereo speakers (2 front + 2 back), 2 music stands

Technical equipment brought by the artist: computer, controllers , flutes


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7 July 2013
22 February 1975

  • Poland Warsaw


Ari Dyker is visual artist based in Poland. He attended Camerimage Film School and most of his career works as filmmaker. With passion for animated works he focused himself on creating animated visuals and since 2013 frequently takes a part in festivals like Live Performers Meeting(Cape Town,Rome,Amsterdam), Visual Brasil (Barcelona), Generate!(Tübingen), Patchlab (Kraków),B-Seite (Mannheim), ROM (Budapest), Nokta Festival (Opole), Kyiv Lights Festival and others.

In 2017 he made a project creating visuals for concerts of renowned polish baroque orchestra Arte dei Suonatori.

His works refers to tradition of surreal animation and wide range of art genres. Through the visuals made from vintage illustrations he attempts to recreate experience of dream and oneiric reality taking inspiration from childhood fairy tales, movies, paintings, books or music.

As a self-taught animator he uses digital techniques to create his content but also gives a try to traditional, hand drawing animation.

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