Dialectic in suspense

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AV Performance
“Dialectic in suspense” is a sound work about the conflicting relation between nature and human contradictory development. Natural spaces and ambient sounds mixed with human residual pollution, are combined with real time audio and data processing that shows both human and nature strategies to overcome the critical anthropocentric presence.

The work has three different movements bringing the people (public) the opportunity to enhance their environmental conscience and perspective about it.

With noise as source, human strategies will be referenced with a live performer processing the sound with different effects chains. Also, in parallel, sound is processed digitally using different live-coding techniques. A pre-analysis based on MIR (Music Information Retrieval) stored in a database is combined with real-time processing and synthesis, random processes and human control via external interfaces. Also historical climate data is used to model sound in real-time. To achieve that, a custom software was developed under a collaborative initiative (https://github.com/sonidosmutantes)


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Technical rider

  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Type: AV Performance
8 channels mixer with stereo output
4 channels mixer for no input
2 PA speakers
2 monitors speakers for performers
Video projector
1 table for laptop and equipment
1 table for pedal effects


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10 February 2017

  • Argentina Buenos Aires, Ciudad de Buenos Aires


Interdisciplinary performances based on sounds of the web platform Redpanal.org

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