Unity3D: Audioreactive visuals & virtual reality [150 €]

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Unity3D and possible applications in audioreactive visuals and virtual reality

Robinrabauke and Katinks, together Bobkat, will teach the basics of Unity3D in a 4 day workshop (each à 3hrs).
After a detailed introduction they will show possible applications and combinations in the fields of virtual reality and audioreactive visuals.

You will learn how to make things wobble to audio in VR using all kinds of hardware.
Using Oculus or even your smartphone, you will be able to create virtual worlds.

Basic knowledge in C# or similar programming language is not required.

You will need Unity3D preinstalled and activated on a Mac or Windows PC - if possible with a dedicated graphics card.
It will be possible to view your VR-Projects on:
Windows Machine and Oculus Rift
Mac Machine and iPhone (iOS11+, iPhone 7 or later with Google Cardboard etc.)
(A few Oculus Headsets will be provided for the workshop)


# Schedule of the Workshop:

## Day One

### Introduction
A brief introduction of Katja and Robin.
A short introduction of the participants.

### Unity Showcase
A short preview of what we will be able to build at the end of the workshop.

### C#
* What is C#
* Hello World
* Variables
* Loops
* Some Hand-On-Tasks
** Break
* Object Oriented Programming
* Putting everything together in preperation for Unity3D

## Day Two

### Extensive Introduction to Unity3D.
*Showing the UI
*Creating first project
*Create virtual environment with Game Objects and Scripts
*Pipe Unity3D via Syphon or Spout
* Let participants play around in first project with given tasks

## Day Three

### Audioreactive VR
* Show how to make audioreactive projects
* Show different VR hardware and possibilites (Using Oculus and Smartphones)
* Let participants design small examples they want to accomplish
** Break
### Free programming / Design with individual assistance
### Presentations of example projects


LPM 2018 Rome
  • 07.06.18 | June 7 - 10, 2018 | Rome Italy


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Technical rider

  • Duration: 540 min.
  • Type: Workshop
HDMI-Projector (HD+)

Participants need their own laptop or should be provided with one (mac or win, gpu).


Registered by
10 March 2018

  • Germany Berlin, tuebingen


Katinks is a neural-, behavioral-, and cognitive scientist. She designed and programmed several research projects in virtual reality.
Her degree and knowledge in the field allow her to work as a consultant and give talks to different science and industry communities.
She has been working with Unity3D and the Oculus Rift for the past two years and now wants to bring her skills and knowledge to the art world.

Robinrabauke is a visual artist, music producer and webdesigner. He teached multiple programming languages and design at University level.
He has been working as a resident artist with audioreactive visuals for the past year and has extensive programming experience of over 7 years.
His unique background allows him to work and collaborate with artists and entrepreneurs from all over Europe.
With influences as diverse as Electronic Music and the Study of Media and Computer Science, new insights are generated from both constructed and discovered discourse.
Robinrabauke creates complete experiences, from concept to audio production and finally the visual presentation - all from the hand of one mind. This creates a somehow recontextualized reality - both auditory and visually.

Katinks and Robinrabauke live in Berlin and are currently working on various projects in art, science and industry.

With their knowledge of the hard- and software and their diverse backgrounds in visuals, music and science, they make a great team to teach and showcase their love for VR.

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