Artist and Design Academic at University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, he lives and works in Sydney. He has typically manipulated found images and sound to create single channel video and interactive works exploring memory and associations. With his most recent exhibition augment_me at Artspace in 2009, he worked with personal photographic memories, using synchronized projections in a large-scale installation using multi-channel sound which responded to a machine-vision tracking system. The installation is highly adaptive and portable, with the capability to support changes to its content (photographs, video and sounds) in relation to its’ physical location. Miller was a research room resident (Oct-Dec 2010) at Critical Path, where he investigated machine-vision and choreographed bodies. He presented a working model of augment_me during SEAM2010 and participated in the SEAM laboratory - choreographing in a mediated environment led by Christian Zeigler. In early 2011, he was attached researcher to Chunky Move with Gideon Orbanzek and Reuben Margolis, further exploring the human body as data interface. Millers’ new installation data_shadows will be in development as part of the Underbelly Arts Festival on Sydney Harbour’s Cockatoo Island in July. During September Miller will be working in Shanghai with the multi-disciplinary Design Studio/LAB Rare Earth using augment_me as an experimental research platform and he has also been invited to present a paper at this years ISEA Istanbul. In October he will be in-residence at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

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