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Video Installation
Corner-Corpus (working title)

A darkened room containing several objects that are intermittently and rhythmically made visible, but never entirely. Each object acts like a persona, reflecting and deflecting itself onto the other objects. The resulting story connects the ideas that emerge from peoples possession of objects.

Team Modul8/Mapping has a reputation for the unperdictable. Give us time and space and we will melt it.

"Corner Corpus" is an installation in the main tent area of Branceleone that will break the common format of the projection screen by pointing several projectors into areas within the space that are commonly overlooked.

The goal is not to overwhelm the audience but to make them aware of these neglected spaces slowly and over time by making these space 'breath', expand and contract over time.

We will use a series of projectors and small strips of semi-transparent material to create surfaces with context oriented visual ques that will subtly direct the attendess attention to these spaces.


LPM 2010 - Live Performers Meeting
  • 27.05.10 | May 27-30 Brancaleone, Rome



Technical rider

  • Duration: 3 days min.
  • Type: Video Installation
What we bring:

- VMS unit + its projector

- DMX USB interface

- MATROX TripleHead2go

- DMX cable

- Stereo mini jack DI box

What we need from you:

- 2 projectors with VGA connectors, minimum 2000 lumens, short throw, at least 1:1.

- 4 x VGA cables. Between 10 and 15 meters each.

- Hanging system to be able to hang the VMS unit from the ceiling and to hang the projectors with the fixed lenses.

- Sound system + XLR cables to go from the DI box to the sound system

- Large black curtain to prevent light from entering the room.

- 1x Mac mini (intel) or a macbook (intel) working with a triple head2go at 3072x768

- Ladder, pizza, vodka, trash, bottle of wine, pasta, yellow liquid, grappa, limoncello.

- Pieces of crap random metal, possibly shiny.

- One dirty pantie, pieces of wood, mirror, what ever you can find on the street, etc...


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