Electronic clouds

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AV Performance
Electronics Clouds is an AV performance reuniting on stage one musician and one videast both performing using electronics signals and data streams generated in part on stage. The theme of the performance is the formation of clouds, electronics ones, and the release of energy through sound waves, lightning and color explosions.


LPM 2018 Rome
  • 07.06.18 | June 7 - 10, 2018 | Rome Italy

Technical rider

  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Type: AV Performance
electrical sockets (at least 8) : 4 for the musician, 4 for the videast
2 tables : 40x30 inches (for laptops and controllers)
2 monitors (wedge) for Stereo Out from musician computer for the musician
1 monitor for Mono Out from from musician computer for the videast
1 electric guitar stand
a connection to a HD Video Projector using HDMI cable
a projection screen

Patch list :
Important : the sound is coming from the audio interface : MOTU Ultralite AVB.


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11 April 2018
6 May 1984

  • France Paris


I am a visual artist based in Paris. My work includes audiovisual performances, installations and interactive data visualizations. My artistic practice revolve around the notion of data poetics in the context of ubiquitous computing and explore alternative ways of representing and accessing digital data using sensors and custom written software.

I use programming to create dynamic images that respond to live music and gestures. In my work, movement is an expression of a state of mind. I define it and give it to digital entities in order to create complex dynamics.

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