the worst is yet to come

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AV Performance
the worst is yet to come.
a big team of different artists, many characters, many arts, a mashup of video, audio, performance, theatre and ballet, in a pourpurri of glitch and love.
the only goal is to show that you can create something crazy, funny and really cool, something that can never be reply becouse it's born from Improvisation.
the past edition was build thinking to nature and animals, this time everything will be more worst, but don't be afraid, let's partecipate all togheter, becouse there is no limits between audience and artist, you are the show, we are the show, and you will love or hate as we do.


LPM 2014 Eindhoven
  • 26.06.14 | June 26 - 28, 2014 Eindhoven, Netherlands

Technical rider

  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Type: AV Performance
all space you can give to place the biggest consolle you ever see, with many computer hardware people and strange things you never think can become art.


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1 February 2011

  • Italy Arezzo, Brescia, Como, Mantova-Firenze-Milano-Torino, Reggio Emilia, Roma, Rome, Torino, florence, urbania
  • United Kingdom London, london


Collective performance, a live big band playing a musical made in an A/V set, with video and sounds coming from the animals and nature world, from both real and fantasy worlds, a mix of animation and synth voices, fantastic animals and legendary landscapes of dream and nightmare, and forgotten historical film clips combined with new footages released for this occasion.

Each member of the group play like in an orchestra to make a common story in which there are many different things, not necessarily following the rules of the classic fables, but only to provide a new and exciting experience.

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