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When: 29.06.12 - 6 years ago
Type: Festival
  • Friday 29 June 2012
    11:00 03:30
    Villa Tittoni Traversi Desio (MB) Italy

Reopens, in its second year, the Kernel Festival: event aimed to promote art and the experimental expressive languages related to new technologies.

The appointment is in Desio (MB) from June 29th to July 1st in Villa Tittoni Traversi.

67 artists from 16 different nations, selected in the four areas of the Festival, Electronic Sound & Music, Audiovisual Mapping, Interactive & Digital Art, Temporary Architecture, will become part of the rich program of the Festival.

During the day, the noble rooms and the park will host installations of digital, sound and interactive art, projects of temporary architecture, workshops, meetings and performances.

The evening program will offer different sounds, audiovisual performances, interactive and live shows that will enliven and make us rediscover, in a charming atmosphere created by sound and light, the neoclassical Villa.

Expected, several guests of international fame who will take turns on stage between Dj sets and live.

Friday June 29th: The Analog Session, Jahcoozi, Floating Points + 14 artists.
Saturday June 30th: Aquarius Heaven, Spektrum, Mass Prod, Onor Özer + 12 artists.
Sunday July 1st: Hate Boss + 2 artists.

The entrance to the Festival is free from 11:00 to 20:00.
To follow the evenings performances, from 21:00 to 03:30, you must purchase your ticket.
Tickets and info :  http://www.kernelfestival.net/


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4 May 2011

  • Italy Monza


In informatics the “kernel” is the core of an operating system.

Similarly, Kernel Festival aims to be a permanent and stable platform on which engage and organize series of activities to promote the meeting and exchange among different contemporary artistic languages.

Multiple events, as enzymes, catalyze processes of active involvement to offer young talents and established professional artists an arena for exchange, growth, involvement and visibility in the artistic, cultural and industrial contemporary panorama, at regional and international level.

By presenting a rich program of performances, exhibitions, conferences and workshops, Kernel does not want to be just a moment of pure and simple entertainment, but also a meeting place and an opportunity for young artists. Through open calls and internatonal committees, composed of well-kown professionals, young talents will have the possibility to be selected to perform and present their project.

The historical and cultural architectural heritage, particularly rich in our region, is given new meaning, representing an ideal laboratory for experimenting, sharing and mixing different experiences.

The festival aimes to be a new multi-disciplinary link between electronic sound and music, digital and interactive art, audiovisual mapping and temporary architecture. An event that gets together renowned artists and emerging young talents in an open platform, to create a contamination between different artistic languages and historical location full of charm.

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