Follow the Bird

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Follow the Bird is a journey of a bird flying in different environments. The environments are from dreams, abstracts, colourfuls and also darker. It's not realistic.
It makes the viewers travel, dream and they will make there own story.
At LPM, Follow the Bird, will be redone to follow the architectural specificities of the building.


LPM 2018 Rome
  • 07.06.18 | June 7 - 10, 2018 | Rome Italy


Technical rider

  • Duration: 10 min.
  • Type: Mapping
- space 1x1m min
- 3 plugs


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18 April 2012
13 February 1977

  • United Kingdom london



L’Aubaine (Laurie Bender) VJ, visual artist from Geneva based in London, expressing herself in VJing, projection mapping, live cinema.

L’Aubaine started performing live visuals in 2005 while studying a master in Digital Arts in Barcelona.

She crafted her unique style over the years, mixing analogue and digital techniques in an unusual and elegant way. Her work is organic, graphical and painterly and most of the time abstract. It has a handmade feel, imperfect, bold and very colourful. She feels like a painter on a canvas, while creating live compositions for her VJ sets. She loves projecting out of the rectangular screen, with projection mapping and live mapping on buildings, fulldome projections and also by breaking the rectangle shape by mapping compositions on the screen.
Her clips are mostly hand-drawn animations and simple shapes. It's mainly 2D and often uses in her set an analogue video synth to create texture and lines.
L’Aubaine also likes to explore narrative forms in real time and in Live Cinema she expresses psycho/socio/politics/ concerns.

Since 2015, she is part of VJ London, organising the regular Meet-up & Showcase.

She played in several festivals, events, club nights in Europe. such as le Zoo/Usine (Geneva), DAAVS (Kosice/SK), Genius Loci Weimar (DE), Amorphous AV (Caldas de Rainha, Pt), Off Signal Festival (Prague), LPM, Test Card (Manchester), Shambala festival (UK), Blissfields festival (UK), Hackney Wicked (London), Visual Brasil (Barcelona).
She also collaborates with DJs/productors for live visuals, and her latest collaboration was for special event with Kate Simko and the London Electronic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall.

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