Live Cinema Festival 2018

September 20 - 23, 2018
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When: 01.08.18 - 9 months ago
Type: Festival
  • Wednesday 01 August 2018
    10:00 19:00
    Palazzo delle Esposizioni Rome Italy
  • Wednesday 19 September 2018
    21:00 00:00
    Palazzo delle Esposizioni Rome Italy
  • Thursday 20 September 2018
    21:00 00:00
    Palazzo delle Esposizioni Rome Italy
  • Friday 21 September 2018
    21:00 00:00
    Palazzo delle Esposizioni Rome Italy
  • Saturday 22 September 2018
    21:00 00:00
    Palazzo delle Esposizioni Rome Italy
  • Sunday 23 September 2018
    21:00 00:00
    Palazzo delle Esposizioni Rome Italy

“See the sounds, listen to the images”.

5th edition of the “Live Cinema” festival, an experimental narrative technique applied to audiovisual performances that produces a simultaneous and in real-time creation of sounds and images, where the traditional guidelines of narrative cinema, represented by the subjectivity photographed by the camera, expand in a wider horizon.

8 countries involved, live cinema performances, screenings and workshops for a festival that reflects the spirit of our era in which technology has totally invaded every aspect of our lives: “Live Cinema Festival”, the international event focused on the most innovative performances of live audiovisual shows.

An international cast of artists will perform live unreleased performances or hosted for the first time in Italy, realized in real-time for a synaesthetic and hyper sensorial experience.

For the first time hosted in Palazzo delle Esposizioni, “Live Cinema Festival 2018” is sponsored by the Capitoline Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, and it’s part of “Estate Romana”, promoted by Roma Capitale – Department of Cultural Growth and in collaboration with SIAE.

Special thanks to the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Polish Institute of Rome, the Czech Center of Milan and the Hungarian Academy.

Four festival days in which machines, arts and technology melt together in order to spread new messages and new perspectives, proposing a new imaginary, breaking down the borders between the medium and the content, manipulating images and using different approaches to make the final content that is clearly relied on the artists’ improvisation and ability.

“SCREENINGS”, from August 1 to September 19, will be a preview that aims to get the audience ready for the festival.

As in the previous years, the Audience Development conference will take place on September 19 - one day before the festival starts - in the Cinema Hall in Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Here roman organizations and institutions will try to figure out the best strategies to help European artists and professionals to reach the widest audience in Europe.

To enrich the program of the event, since September 20 a four days lasting workshop – for a total of 8 hours – will start. It will be focused on this new technique in the artistic-performative context and it will be held by Francesco Iezzi, PhD in Cinema History as well as video-artist associated with the German label Raster-Noton. The workshop aims to give the technical and technological tools to make an audiovisual Live Cinema performance.

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AV Audience Development Rome 3

Thursday 20 September 2018

Workshop: Digital Storytelling


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Atemporal 2.0

Friday 21 September 2018



Texture Droite Live

Saturday 22 September 2018


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Live Cinema Festival is an exhibition of live performances that explores and promotes all the artistic tendencies attributed to "Live Cinema", with performances by Italian, German, English, Dutch, Polish and Belorussian artists, who have made this technique of narration their stylistic code.

“Live Cinema” means an experimental narrative technique, applied to performative video, which gives rise to the simultaneous creation of sound and images in real time, in which the traditional standards of narrative cinema, represented by the subjectivity of the camera, is expanded into a broader conception.

“Cinema” is understood as the act of simultaneously creating images and sounds that interact with each other and take shape in a synaesthetic approach that results in audio-visual performance realized in real-time, in which the viewer’s perception is in constant tension between experimentation and re-enactment.

The performances proposed in this first edition of Live Cinema Festival tend to explore issues related to social and new media, as well as to more introspective concepts emerging on the screen in a new light, enriched by new languages ​​and new meanings.

Live Cinema Festival has been selected as a project of the "Roman Summer 2014" funded by the municipality of Rome which, through the performances of 8 artists, aims to exploit one of the suburban areas of the city, thanks to a program that combines emerging and well-known artists, could become a new center of cultural aggregation.

Live Cinema Festival is a cultural and artistic project, promoted byFlyer communication in co-production with LPM – Live Performers Meeting, FLxER.net, Linux Club, Free Hardware Foundation and Improvearts in collaboration with SIAE ed ACEA with the support of Comune di Roma and approved by AVnode.

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