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LPM is a meeting.

LPM offers sites, resources and technologies to support the encounters among people active in the field of live video. Our goal is to provide both spectators and participants with a wide program of workshops, exhibitions and live audio and video performances.

The fact that all the artists play live and the ability to freely participate in the meeting are among the most important aspects of LPM.

  1. The subscription fee includes access to all activities of the event (except workshop fee), plus the LPM t-shirt, 1 drink per day, slot for your proposal and special prices for software, hardware and workshops.
  2. The deadline for subscription is Wednesday 25 April 2018.
  3. LPM is a meeting, we encourage all who wish to contribute to participate in the event. However, due to the large number of proposals we receive, we are not able to cover the travel expenses of each artist. So we would like to remember that travel expenses are the responsibility of artists.
  4. Accommodation for performing artists is available from 1 to 5 nights from 6 to 11 of June, subject to availability, in triple / quadruple / dormitories.
  5. Solutions available in single and double rooms.
  6. The duration of each act is:
    1. AV Performances & VJ Sets: 30 minutes maximum included setup
    2. Workshops: from 1 day 1 hour to 4 days 2 hour per day
    3. Lectures: 1 hour
    4. Live Mapping: 30 minutes maximum
  7. At the discretion of the organizers, activities that include too complicated technical and logistical requirements could be not accepted. Do not hesitate to contact us directly via subscriptions [at] liveperformersmeeting [dot] net to discuss your proposal beforehand.
  8. Wait the confirm that your proposal has been accepted from LPM Team before book any flight or accommodation. 



Terms & conditions

On-line subscription to LPM 2018 Rome consists of several steps.To start the subscription process you first need to read and accept our terms and conditions

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