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14 December 2007
2 October 1979

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BIO - VJ Marocco

VJ Marocco is a television cameraman and editor since 1999. and his job is also a hobby. With VJing deals since 2003. Since then, for the party's in Istria and Primorje as visual support for festivals and events many DJs such as Rex the Dog, Client, James Zabiela, Josh Wink, Mr.C, Steve Lawler, Darren Emerson, Linus , Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu, Pendulum, Danny Wheeler, Virgin Helena, Underground Sky, DJ Ogi, Mark Ash, Moshic, Kinetic Vibe, Gramophonedzie, Valentino Kanzyani, Desyn Mesiello ...

In 2004. DJ-i Colour, Tom and Jay VJ Marocco run the project called RETRO.ELEKTRO - a collective of seven artists who deal with DJ-ing, VJ-ing... Within and was launched and RETRO.ELEKTRO Orchestra, a group that creates a crazy, experimental music. The RETRO.ELEKTRO launched a TV show on local television Ritv Rijeka, which promotes young DJs and producers. He was 3 years in a row resident VJ Hartera festival in Rijeka with VJ Dlakka, with whom he worked and spatial video concert of LET 3 in Hartera 2007. That same year they made two music videos: Termiti - Vijeran dog and Paraf - Police in Dallas Records. In cooperation with the Amsterdam artist Zeljko Jancic and VJ Dlakka 2007 The video for the "Watering 2" a kind of mixture between art installations and theatrical performances directed by Frits Vogels, Amsterdam's famous director of theater groups Slam. 2009 within the live DVD of Rijeka group Disco'N'Action Live @ Stereo.

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