Audio Visual Creative Collective

Open Call Experimance Festival 2022

Monday, 13 December 2021

Experimance Festival is looking for artistic positions from the fields of sound art and experimental music.
An application is possible as a solo artist and/or as a group.

Open call for an existing work approaches in the following categories:

Exhibition [14. – 17.07.2022]
Artists / groups from the fields of installative sound art, sound object, DIY-instrument
for a sound art exhibition in the context of the festival.
Exhibition set-up: 11. – 13.07.2022
Exhibition dismantling: 17. – 18.07.2022
Concert & Performance [15. & 16.07.2022]
Artists from the fields of sound performance & experimental music.
The Focus is on the use of self-made sound generators, untypical playing styles,
use of everyday or unusual objects as instruments instruments
Workshop & Lecture [16.07.2022]
Artists from the fields of sound art, performance, experimental music
for participatory workshops and lectures.

DJ- & Live-Sets [15. & 16.07.2022]
DJs and Musicians from the fields of ambient, soundscape, elektro, experimental
Fee for artistic work on account
Travel and transport costs covered up to 120 €.

Deadline: 28.02.2022

More Info: https://www.experimance.de/experimance/open-call/