Audio Visual Creative Collective

Open Call: Video Sound Art 2022

Tuesday, 05 July 2022

Video Sound Art is a production center and festival based in Milan. Since 2011 VSA produces and exhibits selected works by young artists. The festival creates a visibility network and supports the development of new projects throughout the year.

On the occasion of the 12th edition of the Festival to be held at the end of September, Video Sound Art launches a new open call for artists and performers.

Starting from the research conducted by the festival’s curatorial department on the invisible qualities of matter and the functions that objects around us assume in relation to history, identity and social relations, the open call will focus on the possibilities of performative language.

Performance is the change of form, the time for reciprocity, the space for negotiation.
How do things work when they no longer occupy a position? When they cannot be touched, felt and are boundless? What do objects do when they are not used, when they do not interact with people? How do the invisible relationships of matter manifest themselves?
The call for artists evaluates works that each participant can decline through the lens of performance in its sentimental, political, economic, social and environmental meanings, with the particular accents of their own research.
Francesca Colasante, president of the jury.

Residency period and contribution

The prize for the winner is 1,000 euros. An additional contribution of 1,000 euro is foreseen to cover the production costs of the work (technical and installation materials) and the costs of the residency. The Festival staff will provide technical assistance, ensure the communication of the project and offer curatorial support in the planning (in residence) and realisation (at Teatro Carcano) phases.

In the selection phase, priority will be given to the economic sustainability of the projects. Proposals of simple realisation are recommended.

The winner, supported by the curatorial and technical staff, will participate in an artistic residency in Tuscany, with the support of the Associazione Amici di Duccio committed to the organisation of residencies and performances in support of young artists. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the festival and the Associazione Amici di Duccio.

Deadline: 30.07.2022

Info and application details: https://videosoundart.com/en/open-call-2022/