The vj is missing ( due to copyright restrictions )

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THE ARTIST IS ABSENT a marina abramovich visual revision.

The artist has been arrested for infringement of copyrights. It is not present.
This set is dedicated to Aaron Swartz who committed suicide for being sued for sharing a library for the public knowledge. This vj set is dedicated to PIRACY.
"We are free to share and we share to create freedom"
Visual ideas and creations want to promote horizontal access to education, technology and media in the digital age.


LPM 2014 Eindhoven
  • 26.06.14 | June 26 - 28, 2014 Eindhoven, Netherlands



image missing

Technical rider

  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Type: VJ SET
A mixer ( the coolest you have ) and some sweetness. Only some.


Registered by
18 May 2006
6 January 1969

  • Netherlands Amsterdam


Nuns with Guns Vj aka Giuliana Dieni is performing in Amsterdam as visual artist since the year 2000. Leaving behind many years of work for Broadcasting Networks and Post Productions as Video Editor in Rome, Italy, Giuliana Dieni started to apply low-tech equipment distortions at open parties and clubs when there weren’t many VJ performances in Italy. It was 1996. After this period Giuliana moved to Berlin to join a video activist’s group called Akakraak and set up a video installation/sculpture for the “Lang Nacht von die Museums”. In Akakraak met Micha Zimmer with whom will start a duo project called Bildstoerung. Bildstoerung will be maintained in Berlin by Micha, and Giuliana will move to Amsterdam to perform solo visuals with the Drum and Bass Sounds of “JungleTerra” and the “Chronic Soundz” . All work was based in a studio in Noord Amsterdam where the creative network of The London Police and Galo aka Andrea Galvagno, two big names of the local graffiti scene, and Nuns with Guns VJ has been possible by the artworking energy of Ginevra Polverelli (Shakti) and ended only in 2003. After that the many performances at Robodock Festival (NL) and the Fusion Festival (DE) will see again Bildstoerung and NWG back together. At the Fusion Festival Giuliana met Holger from Lichtsport, a video kunst group based in Osnaebruck and has been invited to partecipate at the creation of a video sculpture for the Museum of Industry and to play at the European Art and Media Festival in 2005. In 2007 Giuliana presents her first solo video installation “Camera 101” in Breda, the Netherlands, for Noisivision. Nuns with Guns Vj is active in the queer scene.

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