Brewster Box

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Video Installation
The central element of this video sculpture is a small pyramid that lights up with projected imagery and sound when the audience triggers it by pulling one of the four ropes that are hanging from the ceiling. The pyramid is enclosed in a glass montre which also functions as a mirror box.
Because of the mirroring the audience sees multiple pyramids that seem to form a landscape. In that way the installation refers directly to the kaleidoscope (the title of the installation being the name of the inventor of the kaleidoscope).

The sculpture consists of a pedestal built in black MDF board and a montre on top of this made of semi reflective glass (one way mirror). This construction is 180 cm tall and 60x60 cm wide. Inside the glass montre sits a pyramid shape made out of rear projection acryllic. Inside the MDF pedestal is placed a cooling fan, a video projector and a speaker. The equipment is connected to a computer wcich is placed somewhere near the sculpture. Next to the montre are placed four black ropes with handles. The ropes are suspended from the ceiling and the audience can pull the ropes.


LPM 2013 Mex
  • 24.01.13 | LPM Live Performers Meeting


Obscura, Brewster Box

Technical rider

  • Duration: 0 min.
  • Type: Video Installation
Requirements for the exhibition space:
(Near) absolute dark space - a room or a exhibition black box Minimum space needed 9 m2 (but ideally 12 m2) One power outlet should be available (3,5 amp used). A certain level of background noise from other installations in the exhibition does not ruin the experience of this piece. The piece emits audio via a medium sized speaker. A ceiling or other structure above the box (placed minimum 2,5 m above the floor) that can handle at least 200kg. (For the ropes that are fastened which the audience will pull)

Apart from these requirements we will bring all equipment needed for the installation


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15 October 2012

  • Denmark Copenhagen



Obscura is a group of three artists based in Copenhagen, Denmark that work professionally with video installations and video scenography for various live events. The group was founded in 2011 and consists of Frederik Hilmer Svanholm, Kasper Rasmussen and Vibeke Bertelsen.

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