Amorphous beta version

Audiovisual Performance Exhibition
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When: 17.11.16 - 1 year ago
Type: Festival
  • Thursday 17 November 2016
    09:00 01:00
    SILOS - Contentor Criativo Caldas da Rainha Portugal

Amorphous beta version, the first step to create an international AV event in Portugal will gather national artists, both stablished and emerging ones, local students, programers and teachers, at an event dedicated to audiovisual performance in Caldas da Rainha with a Workshop, AV installations, Live Micromapping over ceramic pieces, Conferences, AV Performances, Dj/Vj sets and Live Video Mapping. This edition will have ceramics as a central theme given the ancient and privileged connection the city has with this art form.

Exploring the relationship between manual and technological, tradition and innovation, two-dimensionality and tree-dimensionality, interactivity and proximity, matter and zeros and ones. Despite it’s focus on national artists, the event will also feature footage of international ones as a preview of the International event next year and have the special guest Gianluca del Gobbo, creator of AVnode, LPM and FLxER who will host a conference and end the night vjing at the live video mapping on a city building.


Local: Estúdio Tigre Anão
9h00 - 13h00 Workshop Resolume Software Vj – Live Mapping
by international Vj Pixel Bitch
Sign up: https://www.facebook.com/events/571588313024560/

Local: Sala Farinha
15h30: AV/Video-art Installations
"Límit e Frontiére" Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure
"Qup" Omar Costa Hamido
"black drawings" Vernaculisamentalisador
"Once again" Primo Gabbiano & Visual Pal, PSonora
"lifeline" Sandro Moreira

Local: Sala Farinha
16h30 Live Micromapping
Live Micromapping over two ceramic pieces "moldes mutantes" and "Size 4" by the artists Vitor Agostinho and Ana Sobral respectively.

Local: Box
17h30 Conferences
Presentation of “Pixel Clubing” template Touch OSC
Gianluca del Gobbo - AVnode, LPM, FLxER

Audiovisual Performances
Local: Sala Farinha
20h30 "Por Ana" by Itsa Turn

Local: Box
21h15 - "unnamed scroll" by Telma João Santos
22h00 - "alla har vi ett monster inom oss" EOSIN with Aisa Araújo
22h30 - "a/v live" Fonzo

23h00 - Vj/Dj set
Abel Gutierrez live act
Dj João Matos

Local: Fachada Tigre Anão
00h00 Live video mapping with Vj Pixel Bitch, Gianluca del Gobbo and sound by JPEG


Permanent: 3 locations with projections of footage by international artists as a preview of next year's Amorphous - Audiovisual Performance Exhibition.
Sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1093498450758030/


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19 May 2016

  • Portugal Caldas da Rainha, Porto


Platform for the dissemination of audiovisual performance.

[re+act(ion)]AV it's a collective platform born with the clear objective of creating in Portugal events exclusively designed to present Audiovisual Performances. Thus gathering live artists working audiovisual media in its different forms and representations that unite art and technology, experimentation, live video and music creation, performance, veejaying, deejaying, mapping, programing and the encounter between different forms of expression within the multimedia visual arts. It also aims to work as a catapult for AV projects creating the conditions to introduce them to the public, as a space for provocation, reflection, inspiration, demonstration, sharing and exchanging experiences within the digital culture and contemporary performance.

[re+act(ion)]AV team: Aisa Araújo (Mme.Leisure), Cláudio Sousa (o_iElectricista) e Marco Telmo Martins (vj Pixel Bitch).

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