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Spiral Composition
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roBOt 06 - corner
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Notes for a EverNew Bestiary #9
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C.AL.MA - Live set
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Unzip - DJ set
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Events [11]

Live Cinema Festival 2016
Wednesday 07 Sunday 11 September 2016
  • Views: 2070
  • MACRO via Nizza
    Rome Italy

Live Cinema Festival 2015
Friday 04 Saturday 12 September 2015
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  • Piazza dell'Immacolata
    Rome Italy

LPM 2015 Rome
Thursday 28 Sunday 31 May 2015
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  • Nuovo Cinema Aquila
    Rome Italy

Live Cinema Festival 2014
Wednesday 17 Saturday 20 September 2014
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  • Teatro Quarticciolo
    Rome Italy

LPM 2014 Eindhoven
Thursday 26 Saturday 28 June 2014
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  • Lab -1
    Eindhoven Netherlands

LPM 2013 Cape Town
Wednesday 13 Saturday 16 November 2013
  • Views: 9071
  • City Hall
    Cape Town South Africa



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8 April 2010

  • Italy Bologna


roBOt Festival

6th edition

Bologna 24 September; 2nd - 5th October 2013

www.robotfestival.it [http://www.robotfestival.it/]

roBOt festival is an international event dedicated to digital arts and electronic music, which will be held from 2th to 5th October 2013 at Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna, Italy.
call4roBOt is a call for research aimed at those who wish to present an artwork relevant to the content of the festival.

The theme of roBOt06:

So-called Big Data phenomenon has focus on the relationship between individuality and cumulonimbus of information. Nearly a new waste crisis.
Moreover, experts invite us to criticize and reshape the encyclopedic knowledge organizations, systems and infrastructures because of web information are guided by criteria that are too tied to market interests.
We have to build new paradigms. There can no longer be trusted.

Okay, so: destroy cardinal points.
Let's skip the certainties, tumble barriers, assign the boundaries, sky falls.
Deactivate the autopilot.
Rekindle the memory and try to repair the error system.

But .... is it even possible?

While Matrix was holding the rudder, where are we shipwrecked?
Without the algorithms that have deceived us, how can we orient ourselves in the jungles of www? How not to get lost in the nebulae alphanumeric? Does anyone know how to use a compass?
Where have we put our more intimate? Data, memories, images, songs, tastes, preferences? And the access keys? Where are they?

For the 2013 edition roBOt festival search eclectic solutions able to induce uncontrolled, hidden, irrational and hallucinatory feelings in the viewer using, just to mention a few examples: the fog, smoke, condensation, the labyrinth, the distortion, psychedelia, and conversely the technicolor, saturation, mythology, heat.
roBOt invites its participants to outline, through the digital arts, forms that embodying the primal instincts, fears and feelings of a post-modern Spleen, generated by the lost of inibitions.


• Installations

• Videos & Animations

• Live Performances

• Photography

• Design Projects and self production


Marcella Loconte

marcella@shape.bo.it [mailto:marcella@shape.bo.it]

Federica Patti

federica@shape.bo.it [mailto:federica@shape.bo.it]

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