FLxER is a audio video mixing software based on Adobe Flashâ„¢ tecnology born in 2000.

FLxER is free.

FLxER application is about 80kb and is available for Windows, MAC, Linux, PocketPC, iPhone, iPad and all the other platform with Flash Player, there is also a fully functionality web version that can be used from every computer connected to internet ("USE NOW" button on the header).

Download the standalone version here DOWNLOADS

In version 5, the channel becomes 7, the function of tapping becomes a powerful sequencer, but the most innovative is that we can send a video signal with very low network bandwidth usage, even from a cellphone and other users can interact in a kind of orchestra.

  • 7 HD channels video-audio mixer
  • HD output resolution starting from 800x600 to 3072x768 and higher
  • Supported media: .swf (full ActionScript 3 support), .flv, .mov (h.264), .mpg (h.264), .avi (h.264), .f4v (h.264), .mp3, .jpg, .gif, .png, .txt
  • Advanced live text editor over all channels from text file o live writing
  • Solo function to play only one channel in 1 click
  • Http media loader over all channels
  • DV-IN Analog and digital over all channels
  • Colors palette to manage th colors of the movie and to add and manage background colors (usefull for swf)
  • Trasform palette to manage separately channel and the movie contained in the channel (without wipes transform)
    • x,y,z position
    • x, y scale
    • x,y,z position
  • Blend options over all channels (layer, multiply, etc)
  • Full customizable list of wipes (shapes and motion, external swf)
  • Video Sequencer over all channels
  • Tapping function over all channel with master tap option to sink all the active sequencer
  • XML Video Recorder to share or recall your livesets in a few bytes
  • XML Video Player
  • Broadcast Video Delivery to share in real time your liveset all over the world or to use many pc to play a live set
  • Broadcast Video Player
  • MIDI Support
  • Keyboard full control

FLxER.net | a Flyer communication project
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