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ULTRAVISUAL GANG - it is new creative project VJ Teknoir and VJ Violet
( Belarus, Minsk ).
ULTRAVISUAL GANG - created in the depths of space to display in your minds the message of music.
Our purpose - to advance the most courageous visual experiments on various actions.
Have taken part on actions from leading promo-groups of Belarus: Have A Nice Beat, ALEX MAD, COLORS, RE:FRESH, MAD MOUSE PROMO, 12 ', Euthanasia, SOUND VISION, Artasm, Experimental Rave Association (E.R.A.), SoulRed Records, Drum and Basslines, 4Live Promo, TOPDJ.BY, Jungletrain.net, Nightlab.by, etc.
VJ - residents of projects DJ Battle of Belarus 2009-2010, KOSMODROM, CONTACT, AUDIORAPE, FABRIQUE OF DUBSTEP, the NETWORK, NEW YEAR RAVE 2011,2012, CYBER FEST, Open Air Bunker.
VJ - residents promo groups HAVE A NICE BEAT, ALEX MAD, SoulRed Records, 4Live Promo, COLORS.
VJs Ultravisual Gang - one of the most popular VJs on the best partys in style Dubstep, Techno, Drum and Bass and other parties devoted to underground electronic music.
About us:
VJ Teknoir- its creative activities started as a musician and DJ. Participated in various musical projects. More than five years professionally are engaged in video installations. The founder is one of the most progressive VJs crew Ultravisual Gang.
Much attention in vjing is giving special effects thus, getting every time new video images.
For this period has taken part in most partys devoted to underground electronic music in clubs of city of Minsk: Alcatraz, Fabrique, R-club, Step, Times, TITAN , Bronx, Broadway , White Veja, the Reactor, Music DJ Bar , Mon Cafe, Saquella, DOZARI, RE:PUBLIC and ect, and also different OPEN AIR's With the stars as The Freestylers, Rebel Sonix, the Panacea, Bong-ra, CURRENT VALUE , Donny , Lucio De Rimanez , The Equalizers ,The Playfellow ,Tomash Gee, The Magnet Men, PINCH, Guy, Mad-Tek, dj Beauty, Atomic Hooligan, MAYS, Andrei Fiber, R-TEM , INTELLIGENT MANNERS, MUTATED FORMS, FADE, Mono No Aware, Nuage, CUTWORKS, BOP, PRYZMA and many other .
VJ Violet - the founder is one of the most progressive VJs crew Ultravisual Gang.
The originality of style, presentation of the music in the form of a fantastic Visual images, cyber world, Cosmos, future - carefully choosing the best video.
For this period has taken part in most partys devoted to underground electronic music in clubs of city of Minsk: Fabrique, R-club, Times, TITAN , Broadway , White Veja, Da-club, RE:PUBLIC, Mon Cafe, Saquella , Music DJ Bar, DOZARI and ect With the stars as Forteba, Butch , Dusty Kid, 4Kuba, S.W.I.S., Lucio De Rimanez, X-PANDER, PROKET, dj Beauty, Mono No Aware , Atomic Hooligan, MAYS, EGOR BOSS , R-TEM , Energun, JAY CUNNING, ADAM FAZ, D-Mind (aka Dr.20Hz), Fla Vector, TOTALLY NORMAL, AIRBORNE DRUMZ, TIM BALLISTA, Nuage, Red Catz , BOP, CUTWORKS, THE PLAYFELLOW, TIM ISMAG and many other .


e-mail: ultravisualgang@gmail.com


LPM 2012 Rome
  • 31.05.12 | LPM Live Performers Meeting - May 31 / June 3



Technical rider

  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Type: VJ SET
vj equipment, projectors, screens


Registered by
12 July 2011
8 November 1983

  • Belarus Minsk


ULTRAVISUAL GANG - creative project VJ Teknoir and VJ Violet. We provide custom video content, playback and creative solutions for a variety of international music promoters, artists and events alongside motion graphics for music videos. Motion graphics, video installation, live visuals

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