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Visual Art with Processing [€ 100 / R.1250]

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This four day course teaches students the basics of creating visual art using the Processing programming language with a special emphasis on current presentation methods, from video projection to mobile devices to rapid prototyping. Become zero to hero in one of the most commonly used programming languages in the electronic arts, new media art, and visual design communities!

Topics covered:
programming language basics, developing with various IDE's (Eclipse, XCODE), using hardware and software inputs (Kinect, LEAP motion, MIDI controllers, Touch OSC), compiling to mobile formats (iOS, Android, Cordova and PhoneGap), export formats (MAC, PC, STL to 3D printing and rapid prototyping).

Students will need a Mac or PC with at least a gig of ram and 2ghz processor, and a USB stick for transferring files. It is also recommended that students bring a MIDI device with USB input such as a keyboard or sequencer for the in/output section of the bootcamp. If students are particularly interested in developing for iDevices, a Mac computer with XCODE as well as an iDevice such as an iPad or iPod/phone is recommended.

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