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memoirs from hiperreality

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Memoirs from hyperreality tells the fictional story in the distant future of an unlikely subject_W, trapped within a technological system. His will, desires, disappointments and satisfactions are code instructions
programmed by a super user trough the technological system; free will is a placebo pill supplied in daily doses according to the variables of the system... Their reasoning ability is diluted among waterfalls of binary
digits; atrophied by the voluntary paralysis of their cognitive abilities.
Of course subject_W has no notion of the form, extension or operating system that imprisons him, his actions are preconditioned reflections; his voice prerecorded sounds. Subject_W is only aware of a single
element: the sound of his moving bones. In there resides the password to reset his own individuality. In there is encrypted his innate ability to decipher their environment.
Divided into four acts, the play explores the quasi autonomous behavior of physical actions reacting with the computer system through specific objects, allowing it to establish audiovisual affective relationships
expressed by an organically digital sensory convergence. Presented as a scenic performance act, this work is based on the functional aesthetics of sound art, multimedia and real time audiovisual signal
processing. Each physical action is reinterpreted sonically and visually
by two computers to generate an experimental discourse based on algorithmic processes. Thus, the narrative line has multiple potential strands that form a bidirectional interaction performer system and
enable the work to develop a different morphology in each run.

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