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Self Absorption

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Self-absorption is a live performance based on graphics and audio responsive feedback systems, behaviours,
and their effects upon each other.

Self-absorption is the process in which some of the radiation emitted by a material is absorbed by the material itself.
Exponential absorption both in the surrounding and in the source.

Starting from two basic a/v analog feedbacks where recursion occurs , we add a digital thread of interaction between the two, perturbing the process and seeding it to generate growth.
The performance curve drawn by the collaboration of these "ad infinitum" two-dimensional automata acting around and being generated by the two attractors, is exponential and follows its path until it reaches saturation.

Audio-controlled analog video patterns, put through a dynamic cycle of imagery created by the camera looking at its own monitor, feeding back the sound generator and being re-shaped by it.
Visuals controlling the amount of audio feedback, both analog (the output wired straight into the input) and digital (feedback delay lines).
Networked transmission of data are being converted from audio to video and vice versa.

The interface of this project is not a palpable one (e.g. a hardware or software controller), but more of a set of iterations, recursions and processes that shape each performance. Still it is considered an interface, as it sets the behaviour and limitations of the performance.

This project uses feedback, both analog and digital, and in the form of data transmission and conversion. In the case of the latter, the receiver has no control over the data, which control the amount of the receiver's recursion (audio or visual). The receiver then becomes the transmitter, controlling the transmitted data to some extent, and this process continues in a loop between the two performers. It is a system that gradually leads towards saturation and where the performers gradually lose control over the process.

The video material to be put into the feedback system is generated by a video synth electronically creating signal through the use of internal patterns generator. it gives the possibility to distort them and change the lines scrolling size and speed, in reaction to the sound.

The audio uses unit generators to create electronic sounds which modulate each other, plus physical feedback by receiving the soundcard’s output straight into its input.

A space-time simulator. Time driven transformations of the state into its new self by iterated mappings.

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