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Un Espectáculo Sicalíptico

AV Performance
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Un Espectáculo Sicalíptico is a video installation, performance and experimental opera. The video and all body actions turn around a precarious, old, squeaky bed princess style, where the artist dressed in military-style boots and shirt, emerges from a room-scavenger while getting rid of his clothes and playing so a surprised aria to contra tenor. He's transformed using a blanket, a scarf, a shirt, dirty socks and a robe of flowers, in the beautiful María Cogito, the "theatrical orc" of Giorgio Agamben (La potencia del pensamiento, 2007) a being unconscious that blurs the line between parody and performance.
It is the transgression of the museum in an anti-spectacle in which the artist exposed himself. It is the parody of a representation of a social code manifests in preaching of some "evangelists" in video who promoted anti-body speeches that are put into tension with the realization of a - normality test – G-C.H.K. Masculinity / Femininity (García Cueto and Kulik, 1990) that present preambles of gay pornography from which the audience are to respond to a test. The parody and self-criticism ripe for engaging the viewer in deeper levels of pulsions, that they are inescapable to the being.


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